Marvels 2 – GANT

I’m really incredibly impressed by big companies with big names that want their customers to be happy and will literally do anything to get you there. GANT is one of those companies.

Several years ago I bought a jacket from GANT, it was relatively expensive and I really liked it …

Claplist 2 – Google

So I’m suing Google.

I’ve been enrolled on the Google Partners programme for over a year but haven’t filled enough seats yet to fully qualify, and whilst I’m flogging G Suite left, right and centre with a 20% discount to all of my clients – fundamentally the best email and storage …

Claplist 1 – Stripe

Where does one start with a company so corrupt?

Several months ago I took Stripe to the small claims court on behalf of KungFuture (a charity for which I am a trustee), they settled and I dropped the case.

In a nutshell, here’s happened:

KungFuture was using Stripe to take donations through its …