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On WordPress (again)!

After some time away, I have decided to return to blogging.

The reason I stopped for the last 2 years is a combination of factors including a lack of time/commitment and a fear of the wrong audiences landing on my blog.

I must change the way I feel about this idea because it is inevitably beneficial for me to do this and I also feel it could be equally so for anyone that lands here legitimately (i.e., not from a search of my name after I’ve pissed them off or complained to their company).

Again I have not told anyone about this blog, so I don’t anticipate anyone will end up going through it. That being said, I have launched a new company this year and will be launching another new company in January. Both new companies will significantly drive up searches of my name and I am already seeing that since I was featured on another blog (who are now kindly promoting both my current companies).

In the last two years of my blog’s absence, I have rebranded INENGI and started working on two other companies. My former company INENGI is now HASHTAGsites LTD (shown as #SITES where the # symbol is recognised as a legitimate character). I also own HASHTAGshield LTD (#SHIELD) and HASHTAGjourneys LTD (#JOURNEYS).


#SITES is a premium service web agency, particularly serving startups and SME’s who need custom functionality on their websites or indeed completely custom-built web-based/cloud-based solutions. Although we do handle smaller sites too, the primary focus is on those who want something special/original. Our focus right now is on building prototype platforms for tech startups that rely on their websites/apps to run their business.

“Premium service” means that we offer complete and bespoke web solutions, with ongoing support and handling of content, domains, SSL, hosting, advertising, etc. (the whole shebang). Of course, all that is subject to an ongoing renewal fee (effectively quoted by one client as an “expensive retainer”).

Why is it expensive? Well, it’s not actually, it’s priced according to how much I value my business, my time, and that of everyone involved in the process of building and looking after the company’s clients and websites. It is ultimately “worth the price”.


Launched in July of 2017, #SHEILD is something new and slightly different. It doesn’t quite fit into the PR category or the legal category, but somewhere in-between. I’d call it a specialist PR and pre-legal-action company. We handle three main categories: reputation management, planning objections and corporate complaints. This may change in the future and I may add or remove a service.

Reputation Management
We can essentially remove specific search results from search engines such as Google (or flush them out with more relevant results), this is a very time-consuming process, and I’m not sure whether I want to keep it going, but for now it’s a good money-maker and we’re doing it cheaper than Reputation Defender and various legal firms who offer the service (and I can assure you we all use the same process as there is only 1 way to do it, unless one makes it a legal battle and takes it to court).

Planning Objections
We can prevent specific planning applications through local awareness campaigns that invite affected residents to submit objections easily and electronically to the relevant planning officer or council department, citing specific council planning policies in the process, to ensure their objections are recorded. This works exceptionally well and it’s the main reason I started #SHIELD (given that #SITES didn’t really make sense to cover this particular niche).

Corporate Complaints
Most people who know me well will attest to the fact that the one thing I am exceptionally good at is complaining. This is not because I like to moan and complain about everything, it’s because I know how to complain effectively and get results from it. The difference between me and someone that just likes to moan and complain is that my complaints are thoroughly researched, strategically planned and strategically executed. 9 times out of 10 I have either been heavily compensated for a complaint, or a satisfactory conclusion has been negotiated. This does exclude many of my own complaints, which haven’t always seen the same result. I do also just enjoy the process of complaining because it’s good practice to remind people how shit a job they’re doing and that I could almost certainly do it better.

Why #SHIELD works is because we only take on jobs that we know can succeed. Each of the above categories is unique in itself and any of them could easily fail under various circumstances. We never guarantee a win to our clients, but we do offer a conditional fee agreement, whereby a “success fee” is returned to the client in the event that we fail to succeed (providing they give us the free reign to execute the service as suggested by us). So far ,we have not returned any success fees, and we have had at least 5 jobs in each category.


This company will be launched in January 2018 (providing we can get the platform ready in time). The idea stems from the problem I have with online dating applications, and although the primary focus of this company is not to get people into romantic relationships, it is there to help people form new and lasting friendships, which may or may not lead to more.

The idea is to send a group of people with similar interests on various all-inclusive package holidays. For example, you might be a party-loving extrovert who wants to go and get smashed in Ibiza. I propose that I can send you to a far more exciting destination, where you can either get smashed with your own friends, or with another group of people who also have the same intention as yourself. Not only that, but I will put you up in a nice hotel, ensure you get to and from everywhere within the price, AND you’ll be invited to enjoy a range of really cool activities (tailored to suit your personality) on every day of your journey. What kind of activities depends on what you’re like… it could be anything from skydiving and bungee jumping to spas and yoga.

Another example: you’re a relaxed introvert who finds it hard to meet new people because you never really go out (that suits me perfectly). You like slightly less extreme activities such as cultural discovery, yachting, hiking or scenic travel. I propose that I stick you on a plane to Norway and let you discover some of the most beautiful scenery in the world, whilst you enjoy luxury spas, fine foods and historic museums of cultural relevance.

#JOURNEYS covers activities from shark diving in the pacific to inflatable hammer parties in eastern Europe. So whether it’s beer pong adaptations, arrow tag, sandboarding or endless zip lines, we’ve pretty-much got you covered. On top of all that, the website is designed to match you with journeys and people that we know for sure will suit you.

I’m very excited to launch this company and I’m sure you’ll hear a lot more on this from me in the coming months.