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3,000 movies watched!

A few days ago I added the 3,000th movie to my “watched movies” list (

I have kept a list of movies I have seen for as long as I can remember. I started in my early teens and went from hand-written notes to creating a fancy database on my PC. What I now use is Google Sheets, which I have written a small script for to display on the link above within my website.

Movie number 3,000 was Bad Times at the El Royale, a film I was more than happy to have made that spot. It’s the kind of movie I really enjoy: good actors, original story, great cinematography and thoroughly entertaining.

I don’t tend to write movie reviews because an opinion on one movie is very subjective and I think most people disagree with the points I pick up on. The rating system I have introduced to my list is a good indicator of how I feel about any specific movie, but it’s mainly there for my own reference, as I will often watch a movie again (and in cases like Die Hard: again and again and again and again).

I’ve spoken to some people about this achievement and it seems that 3,000 is viewed as a rather average number… given that I have watched “on average”, at least 3 movies every week since I was 13, it is unlikely that this number is in any way average. Of course, some weeks more than others, some weeks less than others, but 3 is about the weekly average.

I think I can safely say I am now a fully qualified movie buff, and I have seen enough movies to have a very good concept of what I like and dislike, though I often surprise myself by giving the unusual candidates a chance.

Of my 3,000+ movies, the only ones I buy are the absolute favourites, of which there are (at the time of writing this entry), 115. The earliest of these is Charlie Chaplin’s 1940 hit, The Great Dictator, and the latest, Shane Black’s 2016 masterpiece The Nice Guys. If I can recommend a movie to you, I recommend anything that I’ve marked as something I “own”, or anything with 4 or more stars.