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Marvels 3 – Amazon

The amazing Amazon… 

As you already know, I am regularly pissed off and frustrated with a lot of things, quite possibly with you, but for something that I use on a daily basis to NOT piss me off most of the time, is definitely worthy of sincere praise.

Firstly, Amazon Prime: I use this mostly for renting movies and more recently renting “The Great Courses Signature Collection” – another ingenious addition to the already brilliant online service. I highly recommend anyone who enjoys learning to also have a look into this.

The fact that my deliveries now come the next day at no extra cost used to excite me a lot, until Prime Now came along and suddenly my groceries arrive within a few hours… now I’m not only excited but I’m genuinely impressed.

It doesn’t stop here… throughout my career I have fundamentally relied upon AWS (Amazon Web Services), something which often pisses me off but as a product remains galaxies beyond any alternatives.

Any time I have had an issue with general purchases from, they have immediately refunded my order in full, before they’ve even got it back – the second my return parcel (which they have paid for), is scanned, I get a full refund… this is really outstanding customer service.

Very, very, very impressive. Amazon is a huge part of my life and I am overall quite pleased with everything. Other corporations should learn from them.