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Marvels 2 – GANT

I’m really incredibly impressed by big companies with big names that want their customers to be happy and will literally do anything to get you there. GANT is one of those companies.

Several years ago I bought a jacket from GANT, it was relatively expensive and I really liked it (still do). Annoyingly, I put it on one night in the office and the sleeve brushed over a hot bulb, which was long enough to cause a hole to be burned into it.

As you can see from the picture… it’s not really something most people would lose sleep over… unless you are a bit nuts like me and you need perfection to ensure mental stability and well-being.

The enquiry I sent to GANT was more along the lines of “what can I do?!”, and I was half hoping they’d send me some fabric, or I could send it in to be repaired for a small fee… what actually happened nearly had me fall off my chair… GANT confirmed my authenticity within a few emails and then sent out the same jacket to me in the post!!

I decided that a large Harvey Nichols custom Christmas hamper was in order, to thank them for this outstanding level of service, and to this day I am still a huge fan of GANT and their clothing lines. I now own and continue to buy a lot of GANT clothing, particularly for winter and autumn this tends to be my go-to brand. I generally always look at GANT first, whenever I want to buy something new. I highly recommend you check them out if you haven’t already.

As for my two jackets, I actually ended up sewing up the hole on the burnt sleeve and then wore it out before I started wearing the new replacement… my sanity was still intact, knowing that I could wear the burnt jacket without fear, since the replacement was already within short reach.

Unfortunately at this point, both jackets are a bit worn out and they are no longer being made by GANT. On the other arm, it’s summer now and nobody needs a jacket.