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Five Things 2 – Phenomenal Foods

I’m a real foodie. I love trying new foods and I particularly love going to new restaurants.

One of the things I am very grateful for in life is that I can enjoy high quality delicious food, and living in one of the greatest and most food-diverse cities in the world, I get the chance to try it all on a regular basis.

Here are some of my absolute favourite meals and why I think you should go out right now and have at least one of them:

1. Pizza!

A Farina & More at Farina & More, Hammersmith, London

This needs little introduction. I have been eating pizza for as long as I can remember… I love it so much that I’ve even made a Google Maps list of my favourite pizzerias in my hometown, London:

Whether it’s traditional Neapolitan or American deep pan… I will eat it and I will enjoy it. It’s simple, it’s fantastic and it makes me very happy.

Why should you have one? Because when you chow down on that crunchy dough, oozing with cheese and tomato, it’s a reminder that no matter how tough things are in life… at least you have this moment.

2. Bulgogi

Bulgogi at SuperStar BBQ, London

Having stayed with a Korean family for a short period of my life, I can state with clarity that I like A LOT of Korean foods, but if I had to choose just one Korean dish for the rest of my life… this would be it.

Why should you try it? Because this is a dish that you cook for yourself, even in a restaurant! You can choose how you want it… and you can either tuck in, straight off the grill, or you an do as a Korean, and wrap up the meat with rice, salad and sauces in a large lettuce leaf…

3. Tomato Consomme

Consomme at The Mash Inn, Buckinghamshire

It still amazes me how something so seemingly boring can be so explosively delicious. I’ve only tried a few of these in my life but the one at The Mash Inn really changed something in my brain.

Why should you try it? Because until you put it in your mouth, you’ll never understand what makes it so special. The taste of tomatoes really EXPLODES on your tongue, and yet it’s cold, like a glass of water… only so much more.

4. Ratatouille

Ratatouille at Restaurant Ours, London

A dish that is so good, a movie was named after it… and a really good one at that! It’s another simple, elegant, healthy and delicious addition to my list of mind blowers.

Why should you try it? Because if the colour doesn’t blow your mind, the taste almost certainly will! The contrast between the vegetables and spices really sets this apart from other v-based dishes. Notably also, there is a large number of vegetables that go into it, and many chefs do their own spin. I seem to prefer the ones that have a very Hungarian essence, with emphasis on peppers/paprika.

5. Chocolate, Vanilla and Hazelnut Mousse

A dessert no longer served at The Botanist, London

Chocolate = good, vanilla = good, hazelnut mousse = good… all of these combined = amazing.

My list wouldn’t be complete without having a phenomenal food dessert, and this combination has always had me gagging for more. I’ve tried variations of the above in many degrees, but the Botanist served me the above pictured combo with a dollop of whipped cream and a caramel flake and I think I must have re-enacted a famous scene from When Harry Met Sally… a layer of vanilla sponge, topped with a layer of hazelnut mousse, topped with a layer of chocolate, topped with a layer of chocolate crumbs… do I even need to bother on why you should try it?