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Claplist 6 – Deliveroo

Let’s start with the fact that I have sued Deliveroo and won by default – for a claim that was quantified at £8.74.

Judgement by default means that Deliveroo didn’t respond to the claim. It is by far the most popular way that I win small claims. – When I then follow up with the defendant, they have almost always settled immediately.

Before I start going into detail on why Deliveroo made the Claplist and why it is one of the most corrupt ingenious companies in the history of corrupt ingenious companies, I want to emphasise on an important point: if the food arrives cold, or it is not what you ordered, or something is missing, you are entitled to receive a full refund on the specific items that are affected from your order. That is your Consumer Right.

“Satisfactory quality” is a very fundamental part of Consumer Rights, and is covered in the Consumer Rights Act 2015, section 9.

Furthermore, under Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations 2008, specifically section 6 (misleading omissions): companies should not mislead consumers via the characteristics of a product – showing pictures of perfectly cooked hot food that is most commonly delivered cold and inedible (often also disfigured due to driver carelessness), should therefore not be allowed, and technically can also support a claim, particularly if you can show that it continues to happen on a more frequent basis than receiving an order “as described”, you can further argue that the “average” consumer can be found here: and here: – and they are seemingly all mislead.

I would advise people to submit a small claim against Deliveroo whenever something goes wrong. This is a 10-15 minute process and only costs £25. You can Google “Small Claims” and follow the instructions on the HMCTS website for a new small claim. Even if the value of the claim is less than £10. – It is a pursuit I would follow based simply on principal.

Alternatively, if you email me (, I can also help you. However I would sooner suggest that you contact a solicitor specialising in Consumer Rights, and go for someone really expensive, the cost of which should be added to your claim.

If enough people follow this process, Deliveroo will have no other choice but to trade responsibly.

Now, why do I applaud (with sarcasm), this fucking shit of a genius corrupt company? Because what kind of stupid internal policy tells senior supervisors to advise customers to send a fucking email… no really, listen to this recording which was provided to me in a SAR by Deliveroo:

Need I say any more? My hands are completely numb from the excitement of claps rewarded to these halfwit cunts.

“Credit where credit is due” – I think that the business model of food on demand is absolutely ingenious… hopefully someday there will be a company out there who will do it properly. Let me know when you find them because I’m tired of paying thousands of pounds a year to Deliveroo for this level of bullshit. Welcome to the Claplist, motherfuckers.