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Claplist 4 – Sonos

Nobody escapes the Claplist. Especially not these bastards.

When you buy devices in excess of £1,000, you expect some level of quality and superiority. This is true with Sonos, up to the point where it requires software.

I will admit straight off the bat that the Sonos sound is unbeatable for the price, which is why I spent over 4 hours trying to make the Sonos system work this evening.

Let’s start with the app… this app is shit. What idiot developed this app? It was definitely an idiot, or a group of idiots. The mere fact that I have to “reset the controller” in order to log out only to log back in and subsequently add a speaker setup is just beyond fucking diabolical. How hard is it to put a login/logout link?

I was trying to set up two Sonos Play:1’s, and one Sonos Play:5. Very simple, very clear. Straight out of the box, brand new, no problem. But actually there’s no such thing as “no problem” when it comes to Sonos…

  1. Plug in speaker – done.
  2. Push button to connect – error. Try again – error. Try again – error… got there eventually.
  3. Registering products – error. Try again – error. Try again – error… this went on for a while.

Well, that was a fucking waste of time. I managed to get the two Play:1’s registered but the Play:5 would continue to do the above… eventually I trawled through Sonos’ forums after Googling the same errors, only to find a huge amount of people facing the same issues.


Being a bit techie myself, I assumed it was a network-related issue and started to search for posts related to compatibility and advanced network options, given that my WiFi setup is somewhat complex (with several extenders and WiFi over Powerline), I then found a few posts suggesting that channels were also important and that for whatever bizarre reason, only WiFi channels 1, 6 and 11 are supported by Sonos….. ok, so who the fuck would know that? Really?! Amazingly (and frustratingly), this checked out. I changed the WiFi extender to channel 1, disabled 5Ghz on the extenders and suddenly the fucking thing works flawlessly.

In the interim of all this, I had a number of other problems using the Sonos app… which – to reiterate – is utterly fucking useless.

My major concern is that this a company who prioritise form over function. It sounds good and it looks good, and you’re buying it for those reasons. It pisses me off that big companies like Apple and Sonos ignore the very basic principals of functionality. User experience and user-friendliness is fucking KEY in making a decent product. There are literally THOUSANDS of people complaining about issues on the Sonos app… it is absolutely unquantifiably terrible.

A company that can make its customers spend over 4 hours trying to make their product work deserves more than a round of sarcastic applause, they deserve a fucking trophy.

I’d really like someone from Sonos to ask me to come over and straighten shit out, so that everyone gets their shit together, because this is really truly an unacceptable user experience.

Suffice it to say it’s all up and running now and it sounds amazing… definitely not a marvel though. Quite pissed off.