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Claplist 2 – Google

So I’m suing Google.

I’ve been enrolled on the Google Partners programme for over a year but haven’t filled enough seats yet to fully qualify, and whilst I’m flogging G Suite left, right and centre with a 20% discount to all of my clients – fundamentally the best email and storage service available… ~£6 per month per user for unlimited data – I’m also not getting anything in return.

The Google Referral Programme (loosely connected to the Partnership scheme), offers commission on every seat filled, unfortunately though, nobody at Google seems to know where my money is or why I’m not receiving it. From at least the dozen times that I’ve contacted them in the last year regarding the matter (and waited weeks for a reply), their responses have generally been along the lines of “does your bank account accept Euro payments?”, and “we don’t seem to have your bank details”, etc., etc., of course none of that is logical or true given that my application form clearly has everything they need.

Since I started my small claim against them, I’ve had a multitude of letters from their legal team telling me that I don’t have a case… despite then actually presenting me with spreadsheets trying to defend the matter. Apparently Google is not connected to the Google Referral Scheme and therefore is not liable for the claim… but “heyho, here’s a spreadsheet to show you when we made the payments”. Let’s see where that goes.

I also know how many seats I’ve filled, but Google is giving me a different number and can’t confirm or list the accounts for privacy reasons… accounts that I referred and set up – yes that seems fairly logical too, have a round of sarcastic applause on me.

Disclaimer: I am still a huge fan of Google and all the services, I use it for everything and I’m generally very happy. I’m just not happy that they can’t stick to our agreement, and that there’s nobody I can talk to about it to properly investigate and explain what’s going on. It takes a legal case before someone actually even looks at it.

Adding to the shenanigans, Google support in other areas such as AdWords and Analytics is rapidly getting worse. Google have decided that they can make more money by outsourcing the vast majority of their support calls to India… so the next time you call up to optimise your campaigns, give yourself a good few hours whilst Raja, Pria, Virkum, Sanjay and Sunil are “looking into it” for you and also keeping you on hold. This is dramatically different from two years ago when I spoke to someone in Ireland whoa actually knew what they were doing.